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TK119-W 3G Vehicle GPS Tracker

TK119-W 3G vehicle tracking system waterproof Compatible with 3G WCDMA 2G/networks

Model NO: TK119-W

Product introduce:

The TK119-W 3G Vehicle GPS Tracker is small in size and is an installable with a Extend I/O port there are also 2 input/output hardware configurations that let you choose the one the best for your applications.
It a 3G/GSM module which makes this device more usable where 2G networks are begining to be shut down as in most areas.

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TK119-W 3G Mini Size GPS Tracking Devices

2G network will shutdown In 2016,In response to this, we have made available a  3G vehicle GPS Tracking devices TK119-W with 3g compatible  more on its way, Gets your a Benefits of the 3G GPS Tracker with faster Data Speed, A wider Network Coverage, Product Range, Lower Cost,more stable connections to track on demand and the usage of other additional features.



•Fleet management

•Trailer management

•Workforce management

•Delivery truck dispatch

•Vehicle recovery

•Caravan security

•Heavy machinery tracking

•Logistics for temperature-controlled supply chain

•PAYD (Pay As You Drive) insurance


Product Features



GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

universal in the world

2. Operating Voltage range: 6-36 V DC

3.Dual model, GPS & LBS positioning.

4.GPS precise positioning with A-GPS and uploaded by GPRS regularly, Supports real-time tracking and history track playback.

5.Supports ACC status checking and vehicle status notifying.

6.Built-in battery, Power disconnect alarm & Low battery alarm.

7.Built-in G-sensor ,Vibration, collision and falling alarm.

8.GEO-fence alarm, speed & shift alarm.

9.Use relay to remotely cut off petrol/power, Cut off petrol or power by SMS command..

10. Extend I/O port to add extension function

11. Multiple protocol support, can be integrated to platform of customers

12. Firmware/configuration upgrade program Over the air(OTA).

13. Water proof level IP67


Tracking System WEB/APP:

•Real time Tracking

•Route Play Back

•Cut Oil (Need Relay)

•Vibration Alarm

•Collision / Falling Alarm

•Speed Alarm

•Geo fence Alarm

•Power Disconnect Alarm

•Low Battery Alarm


Alarm Type

Speed Alarm

Geo-fence Alarm

Shift Alarm

Vibration / Collision / falling Alarm

Low battery/ External power cut alarm


Function interface: power supplies, relay, ACC

Extension interface: GPIO extension interface, used to increase the extensions (custom)



Applied to more countries and areas with updated mobile network, TK119-W using WCDMA+GSM helps to acquire location information in a more accurate and rapid way. Automatic transmission from 3G to 2Gnetwork adapts to actual environment.

 TK119-W WCDMA GSM 3G vehicle tracking system waterproof

2.Tele-cut off (petrol / Power)

In case that your car is stolen, one solution is to send commands from web/mobile phone to stop the connection of petrol electricity. Track the location and get your car back.

 TK119-W GPS Tracker 3G sim for Vehicle WCDMA cut off power petrol


Geo-fence is a virtual border that you set up in seconds. When your vehicle enters/exits the restricted border, you would be instantly notified via text or message to tracking platform.

TK119-W gps 3g tracking device GEO-Fence

4.Overspeed alert

TK119-W allows you to set speed-limit alerts. If the tracker travels over a certain speed, it will send you a text alert. This is useful for tracking a teenage driver, so you can keep them accountable for their driving habits.

 TK119-W 3G vehicle tracking system over speed alert overspeed-alert TK119-W 3G vehicle tracking system over speed alert overspeed-alert


5.History Playback

History playback Real-time tracking on Platform & APP ,playback track in 90 days

TK119-W 3G Car tracker History Playback

6. ACC detection

Update the vehicle’s status quickly and accurately.

 TK119-W 3g car gps tracker acc detection


7. Dustproof and Waterproof

It is IP67 waterproof and dustproof so that it can be protected well for a long time.

 TK119-W 3g vehicle tracking system waterproof IP67 dustproof

                        Main Specifications

GPS Chip  

MTK high sensitivity GPS chip


Built-in GPS ceramic antenna; GSM quad-ban antenna

GPS Positioning Accuracy

5m-15m( Depend GPS signal)

LBS Positioning Accuracy

About 200m (Depend Bases Density)

GPS Frequency

L1,1575.42MHz C/A code



Frequency bands

WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz

GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz


Class 12, TCP/IP

LED indicator   

GPS- Blue; GSM- Red


Save 2,000 waypoints

Hot/warm/cold Start


Built-in Battery

90mAh/3.7Vindustrial lithium polymer battery



Work Current

<30 mA

Standby Current

<15 uA



IP Waterproof Level


Dimensions (mm)

87(L)X 41.6(W) X 12(H)

Operating Voltage

9-72V DC

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity


Net Weight

50 g


Products picture

Tk119-W 3g gps tracker for sale TK119-W 3G vehicle tracker TK119-W 3G vehicle tracking system waterproofTK119-W 3G vehicle tracking system waterproof TK119-W 3G vehicle tracking system waterproof