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Eelinktech Roll out New 3G NB IOT Devices TK319 in Early 2018

Model NO: TK319 Minimum Order: 100 Piece/Pieces
Location: Guangdong, China Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Product Introduce:

Eelinktech Roll out new 3G NB IOT Devices TK319 in Early 2018   +MORE

The narrowband internet of things (nb-iot) is an increasingly popular method of creating a system of interconnected devices with long-lasting battery life, high functioning speed, and top-notch functioning. Since the creation of nb iot in 2016, the technology utilized in nb iot devices and nb iot modules has been rapidly evolving. Additionally, the evolution of nb iot technology has called for solutions to improve the connection between networks of the devices in order to positively impact users’ experiences.


Some of the biggest nb iot device technology improvements in the last few years has been to the chipsets that are put into the devices. Chipsets are inserted into nb iot devices in order to manage the communication and flow of data between the processes, memory and peripheral. The technology within chipsets allows nb iot modules to be created out of a myriad of devices and makes way for an endless possibility of interconnected devices.


Some examples of how people are utilizing nb-iot modules and devices are cities connecting and creating smart streetlights and parking meters, monitoring of gas and water consumption, tracking of vehicles, connecting devices such as computers televisions and phones within the home, and even following animals in the wilderness for research purposes.


Connecting nb IOT Devices to One Another
In order for an internet of things to function, all of the devices that are on the same network need to be connected to one another. There are multiple layers that are necessary in order for this to occur.


First and foremost, nb iot devices need to be connected by physical components such as hardware. For current nb iot devices, chipset technology is the physical layer that houses the protocols necessary to make the devices communicate with one another. In addition to making the devices communicate with one another, the physical layer also creates the ability for the devices to connect with internet systems that allow them to “go online” and function within a cloud.


Connecting nb IOT Devices to the Internet
Before the development and mass introduction of nb iot, devices were connected to one another and to the internet through cell towers and wireless internet connections. These methods of connecting devices were unreliable and utilized a large amount of battery power, shortening the lifespan of the devices. Consequently, people became frustrated while traveling and many areas were considered to be “dead zones”. Furthermore, the location of devices was limited, because they could not be placed behind brick walls, underground, or within dense areas of vegetation because they could not communicate.


Currently, technology has made way for many new possibilities for the internet of things through nb iot modules. Because of the way that the chipsets are designed within the devices, they can connect with each other and with 3G and 4G networks. Using these networks allows for a more continual connection and less interruption for networks of devices.


Nb iot devices are designed as very smart technology. When signals become weak or the available bandwidth of networks decreases, the devices are created to focus their energy on obtaining the available connections which create a longer battery life in each device.


The Future of nb IOT Devices and Technology
Considering how quickly current nb IOT technology has evolved since the creation in 2016, it is only fair to say that there are no limits to what the technology will be able to do in the future. However, one thing is for certain; the size of nb iot device networks is only going to increase. We are currently seeing the technology being utilized in cities and in private businesses to make communication smarter and to track necessary business information. However, what may be likely in the future is entire cities being connected as well as multiple businesses and consumers being connected to one another through devices and improving the customer experience.


In the future with developing technology, we have the potential to see higher connection speeds than ever before. Within the next few years, 5G networks will be introduced, which will increase the connection speeds of wireless networks and wireless devices in general. If you combine the speed of a 5G network with the technology of nb iot modules there is no limit to what the technology will be able to connect or accomplish.


Specifically, location monitoring in the future has the ability to become much more advanced and much more specific. As companies invest in tracking technology utilizing nb iot devices and technology they will be able to have detailed communications between their devices, understand the moves of what they are tracking, and be able to receive extremely specified data regarding the trends of their devices.


If you are a business that is interested in nb iot technology and utilizing it for tracking devices, Eelinktech 3G nb iot device will be an asset to you. This advanced technology has the ability to be placed in and used to track almost any device. Furthermore, the 3G abilities of this device will allow it to be more efficient and more well connected than any other device your business has ever used.


To find out more about nb iot devices and nb iot modules, consult with a professional from Eelinktech today regarding your business needs.