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Wireless Temperature Monitoring: What Makes Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems Great

At Eelink Tech, we pride ourselves to be among the very few suppliers of wireless temperature monitoring systems that are capable of continuously measuring the temperature of the products inside each truck. As such, we are pioneering the transportation industry and providing real-time temperature solutions that can help you stay on track, within time and on budget.

Today, we are talking about remote temperature monitoring systems and what makes them great. In order for you to understand what these wireless temperature monitoring units do, you need to know how the entire technology works.

Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems: How Do They Work?

Remote temperature monitoring can be best described as a process that allows you to track the current temperature in any location, any truck or any room in real time. Thanks to advanced sensors and state of art technology, you can see whether your products are properly handled and maintained under the right temperature.

From healthcare drugs to consumer goods, there are many products that need to be shipped under the right temperature. However, in order to ensure that and prevent any losses, a certain system has to be properly developed. The wireless temperature monitoring is what that system is – and its benefits are endless.

Some of the advanced features of remote temperature monitoring systems include but are not limited to:

  Real time GPS tracking and advanced mapping

  Integration with iPhone/Android apps showing the location of the vehicle
  Real time temperature monitoring
  Location alters and temperature excursion alters
  Alerts that send SMS or email to one or multiple persons (if an alert is triggered)

  The fastest and easy way to deploy and one of the most effortless solutions to use

This makes real time wireless temperature monitoring a true privilege and can actually put a lot of companies ahead of their competition just by providing real-time information.

Benefits Of Wireless Temperature Monitoring

The main benefits of remote temperature monitoring systems start with the fact that this technology can significantly reduce the risk of unforeseeable repair costs and therefore save you both time and money. The wireless temperature monitoring devices are small and compact and very simple to install, which makes using them a true peace of mind.

On top of that, these systems improve the operational safety for the crews and vessel and are a type that is approved to replace oil mist detectors. Whether you use them as a stand-alone solution or as integrated within the alarm monitoring systems, they are the perfect solution to transportation made easy.

Some of the added features of remote temperature monitoring systems include alarming capabilities as well as regular reporting. You can set up a GSM cellular technology to provide these reports and access your data while it is on the go. This way, you can save yourself the hassle of having to manual monitor the temperature for your sensitive goods. At the end of the day, your drivers will focus on their job – all while your other crew is tracking the temperature in your fleet.

Therefore, the benefits of these remote temperature monitoring systems are endless, including:

24/7 information on the packages, trucks or assets in real time

Letting your customers know how far their deliveries are, again in real time
Monitoring the temperature of the goods throughout the entire distribution chain
SMS and email alerts that advise you when the product is outside of the required temperature and whether its quality is still the same
SMS and email alerts when the delivery is close to its destination so that it can be unloaded fast

Improved control over the distribution chain and improved customer service

From all of these benefits, it is safe to say that wireless temperature monitoring is key when transporting perishable products. From humidity to temperature, some of the cargos are delicate and need proper control. 

A Cost-Effective Solution That Makes Wireless End-To-End Cold Chain Monitoring Easy

What many companies and business owners fail to realize is that remote temperature monitoring systems are cost-effective and are an investment that pays off in the long run. Knowing that many products deteriorate quickly at room temperature or when temperatures rise higher, the losses can be big if wireless temperature monitoring systems are not set in place.

From fruit to meat and fish, eggs or even drugs, vaccines and blood products, there are so many examples of products that need to stay fresh and ones that are temperature sensitive. So, the need for temperature control extends beyond products that are for human consumption – and products like these are very important to stay intact and without any exposure to low temperatures.

So, when you see it, remote temperature monitoring systems are an investment that is inevitable – but also one that is paying off in the long run. Without a technology like this, it is almost impossible to keep track of the temperature in the cargo and take needed action.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it is clear that a wide range of products nowadays must be shipped under controlled environmental conditions. Thanks to wireless temperature monitoring and remote temperature monitoring systems, that is now a reality – with devices that provide a time-stamped record of the conditions encountered in transit and make sure to control the temperature in every cargo.

The advanced features of this technology make that possible, where logging of temperature and humidity provides evidence of compliance-  and if performed correctly – meets the FDA requirements for electronic record keeping. Compact and inexpensive, the latest generation of wireless temperature monitoring devices are here so that everyone can make use of them and install them in a simple way.

If you are looking for the best remote temperature monitoring systems that come at a decent price, make sure to browse through our website and see our latest models.

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