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GPS Tracking Devices: Why Is Real Time GPS Tracking Important Nowadays

Why Real Time GPS Tracking Devices ? Let’s face it – we are living in a world that is affected by technology. In such world, it is difficult not to embrace technology as part of our lives. Fortunately, technology has made a lot of things easier and has helped businesses to turn more profits all thanks to different gadgets, devices and systems. One of the best examples of embracing technology in the transportation industry are the GPS tracking devices.

If you haven’t heard about it, real-time GPS tracking is a great way to track everything from your vehicles to your drivers, schedules as well as the routes they take. This can help you minimize errors, plan routes and basically plan everything ahead. But why are GPS tracking devices great in the first place?

Real-Time GPS Tracking: Reducing Operating Expenses While Increasing The Number Of Service Calls

A lot of transportation companies in the past couldn’t figure out a way to reduce their operating expenses while increasing the number of service calls. Simply put, the traditional transportation industry couldn’t rely on technology in order to be improved. However, in the 21st century – technology introduces GPS tracking devices that excel in this manner.

In other words, a simple GPS tracking system can help companies to reduce fuel costs by more than 15% on average. Thanks to a real-time GPS tracking system, the fuel costs can be reduced in several ways, such as through:

Reducing excessive vehicle idling or vehicle speeding

Improving the routing of vehicles and re-routing
Eliminating any excessive personal use of fleet vehicles
Improving the vehicle maintenance and preventing problems before they occur
 Ensuring that the vehicles do not leave the designated areas

Eliminating any side jobs 

These are only some of the main reasons how GPS tracking devices help nowadays. Thanks to a group of scientists in Scotland, it was concluded that real time GPS tracking saves around $5,484 per employee annually. This certainly means greater productivity and more orders that are handled on a daily basis. So, the results of the use of real time GPS tracking go a long way when it comes to increasing the work orders.

GPS Tracking Devices Also Help In Analyzing Driver Behavior

Another great way in which real time GPS tracking helps is analyzing the driver’s behavior. In a nutshell, improving the driver behavior makes a business more efficient and leads to lower fuel bills and maintenance costs. Knowing that drivers are working remotely, real time GPS tracking makes them closer to dispatchers and managers. This also results in fewer accidents on the road, improved customer service and most importantly – accuracy in every possible way.

From fuel consumption to route taking, the driver’s behavior can be tracked in detail. You can see both how the driver works and how the vehicle responds, or even suggest new routes in real time or give advice to each driver. If there is any road work or queues, you can also signal things upfront and make sure that the fleet that they are carrying arrives on time and at the right location.

In times when driving is more dangerous than operating a machine in the workstation, real time GPS tracking helps to prevent accidents and mortalities on the roads. That being said, every company must ensure that their drivers are following the rules and behaving properly on the road. 

So, How To Choose The Best Real Time GPS Tracking Devices?

At this point, you already know how real time GPS tracking works. However, in order to choose the best GPS tracking devices for your needs, you need to do some research and see which ready-to-use devices can best fulfill your needs.

Nowadays, most of the GPS device manufacturers claim that they have the best products in the market. If you are looking for a real time GPS tracking solution for your business, you shouldn’t settle for the first product that you see on the market. Instead, do your research first, see the prices and get to know all the features in the GPS tracking devices presented to you.

Some of the questions that you can ask yourself in order to make a well-informed decision include:

Do I want a device that is capable of stopping the vehicle’s engine remotely?

Do I want a portable or a hard-wired GPS tracking device?
Do I want a device that is able to monitor the vehicle’s speed and the driver’s behavior?

Do I want to reduce the time spent on the road?

As you can see, these questions can help you identify your needs and come to a well-informed decision. Most importantly, they can show you what real time GPS tracking is all about and how to make most of the devices.

A Final Word

In the end, knowing where all your vehicles are or where they are going is what is most important in the transportation industry. The GPS tracking devices were designed in that manner – to improve any driving behavior and assist when it comes to issues such as speeding, sudden acceleration and harsh breaking. This kind of information is what real time GPS tracking is all about and how it works to ensure that both the driver and the fleet – as well as all the traffic participants – are safe.

If you are interested in the latest technology of GPS tracking devices, feel free to browse through our products and the entire portfolio of real time GPS tracking that we have at ELink Tech. For more information on any of our products, contact us today!


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