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positioning information include :accurate longitude

Product Name: GPRS + GPS module 
Model: M6000 
Product description: 
Support UART serial communication, can be directly connected to the MCU,  to facilitate third party development. 
Support GSM / GPRS AT command set .
When the terminal module and the GPS device is working,  it provide GPS location information and base station location information to the user. GPS positioning information include :accurate longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, heading, time, also can provide a URL with a latitude and longitude that located on the GOOGLE map .  when GPS signal is not, the module will send position data through the base station. 
By interrupt control, with SOS alarm function. 
Operating voltage: 3.5V ~ 4.2V 
Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ 
Dimension: 34 X 28 X 2.4mm

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